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Over Run Parkinglot

Over the last year, IHOP has noticed a significant increase in the number of construction workers and bar customers parking in their lot. While the restaurant provides ample parking spaces for their customers, the "others" often park in the lot due to a lack of parking options near the nearby bars. This has caused a major inconvenience for IHOP customers, as they often struggle to find a parking spot. The situation is particularly worse during peak hours when the bars are busiest or when the city has a major event like SXSW.


Solution: To address the parking issues, IHOP partnered with Bitlocks. The first step was to identify the problem and gather data on the number of vehicles parked in the lot at different times. This information helped the restaurant understand the peak hours and days when the parking lot was most crowded. Based on the analysis, Bitlocks implemented the following solutions:


After implementing the parking management system, IHOP saw a significant improvement in the parking situation. The restaurant was able to manage the parking lot more effectively, which resulted in more available parking spaces for customers. The time-limited parking system and the Bitlocks helped prevent bar customers from parking in the lot for extended periods, which reduced the overall traffic in the lot during major events. The clear signage and communication with nearby bars and restaurants helped inform customers about the parking rules and restrictions, which reduced the number of illegally parked cars. The restaurant received positive feedback from customers, who were pleased with the improvements in the parking situation.

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