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Parking Management Solutions

We're proud to be a woman-owned business that's dedicated to helping businesses like yours solve their parking problems and increase revenue. We understand that parking can be a headache for both business owners and customers, which is why we offer a high-tech, personalized parking solution that leverages real-time data from a variety of technologies.

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Parking Problems We Fix

"Your business has a bustling parking lot, filled with cars and trucks before your doors even open."


"A new bar or venue has recently opened across the street, and as the night progresses, your parking lot becomes overrun with overflow from their patrons. Your sales suffer, and your loyal customers are left frustrated as they struggle to find parking spots.


"Hook-em, love Saturdays but hate the overflow in your parking lot? "



Any parking lot can be easily converted to a revenue stream. Our electronic parking system allows a seamless experience to any person wanted to use the parking place 


  • Easy to Use for your parking lot customer. The entire parking process is operated via any smart device.

  • Innovative Payment Options: Accepts electronic payments; Patrons can use smart devices to pay. 

  • Pre-payment/Reserved Parking Options: Allow Monthly Permits: license plates becomes payment credentials

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

The internet of things created a better method to manage who enters and who leaves a location. Bitlocks using LPR with our backend artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to improve parking operations to include 


  • Whitelisting employees / visitors / prepaid parkers

  • Determining repeat violations and unauthorized vehicles

  • Identifying vehicles who overstay time limits

  • Timely and directed enforcement violations to staff and management

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Need more control over your princess parking? Bitlocks streamline parking detection to allow you to fully utilize parking assets and maximize profit, minimize vehicle congestion, and optimize operational efficiency using LoRaWAN Smart Parking Sensor.


  • Low profile surface installed sensor 

  • 5 sec detection time frame for a car parked

  • Capable of adding smart secure parking ID

Trusted by leading organizations

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Hear It from Our Customers

I am a loyal customer of Bitlocks and I can't speak highly enough about their services. As a business owner in a busy area, finding available parking spots for my customers used to be a constant headache. Not anymore, Thanks Bitlocks

Heather, iHOP

With the Right Partner, Everything Is Possible


 Businesses generating revenue from their parking spaces.

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